Thursday, March 26, 2009

Finally a place to put all our info

Well I was hoping and praying that I would not have to start a blog for us since time is already so limited in our household. But I just can not seem to keep everyone up to date on Chase's condition. Everyday is a big question mark with him right now. Yesterday his pediatrician finally said "He is not a bread and butter case child." I so innocently asked what she meant. Basically every week he has something new and it stomps all of us.

Over a week ago we thought he had the chicken pox but the spots are not going away so now we are on our way to yet another doctors appointment tomorrow to see the dermatologist. Last week it was the infectious disease doctors. Which he decided he is going to biopsy his lymph node when we are in having his adnoids taken out on April 6th.

Thank the lord though that after we took him off his anti-seizure med which he was still having seizures daily on. Almost 6 weeks now and no seizures. He is functioning at such a higher level then before. But still no communication hardly at all.

All of his genetic and metabolic tests came back negative!!!! His lactic accid and ketones are high which might explain why he won't eat much of anything since he has trouble digesting it.

We are still seeing OT twice a week, ST twice a week and an in home developmental therapist for an hour once a week.

Thanks for all your prayers and offers to help!! You know me and I hate asking for help but this year the Lord has taught me that I do need help and that it is okay to ask others to help.