Thursday, April 23, 2009

Behavior training today!

Today was an interesting day. I decided to attend a behavioral training class for autistic children. Now I have left Chase at church or his moms morning out program from time to time. But I decided to leave him at a close neighbors house. Her daughter is about the same age and I thought they could have some social time. She said he did awesome and played along side her. He even tried the sand box. The kicker is he ate 2 bananas for the first time since his senory processing disorder kicked in around 18 months old. That is it from now on he is eating over there.

What dawned on me after we got home today I tried to feed him and he went into a tantrum were he held his breathe. It is his chair. It is hard and straight up and the tray is much smaller than the high chair he ate in today. SO we are borrowing the high chair to see if that is his issue with feeding.

The food aversion therapy has not really been successful. And I know he needs to eat more than just white crunchy snacks or muffins all day. So hoping that between the high chair and what I am learning at the ABA training we might actually have some head way.

But of course things can't start looking to up. He started scratching his head again and I felt his lymph nodes are all swollen again like little ping pong balls are across the back of his head. Another call to infectious disease tomorrow. Yikes!

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  1. Our prayers are with you. Hope the highchair works.