Sunday, April 19, 2009

Biomedical Treatment

Well we finally got into one of the biomedical doctors in town. She is an MD internist that believes in healing the body from the inside. After spending the first hour with her I knew this is what God had planned for us. At the end of our 3 1/2 hour session I felt so much better about Chase and what route we need to take for him.

She noted that he is a spiritually gifted autistic child one that is in tone with nature. After months of me telling doctors about how abnormal his poops are she got to see one and said "oh boy this little boys gut is in trouble." She has started us out on a very simple and not too expensive treatment plan to start with.

WOW day 2 he waved for the very first time in his 22 months of life. The feeling of excitement I had was just unbelievable. As I was telling one of the moms they said "Oh my child has been doing that since she turned one." I just thought you have no idea what a huge milestone this is for him.

Today was day 4 and he started out actually showing seperation issues from me. Normally I can walk away and he does not even understand that I am gone. But today he cried so hard that he throw up. Throw up bad but the fact that he actually got upset that I left was great. Later on we went to the beach and he fell in love with the ocean water. Running in circles flapping his arms like a bird. It wore him out and he crashed in the stroller. When he woke up he actually made a noise at me when I asked him if he was hungry. Normally I would get a blank stare or he would just walk away. He even tried to say "mama mmmm(which I think was more)."

Now I struggle with the fact that he needs me to spend more one on one time working with him on his new music and art therapies. Sometimes I just want to be selfish because I get tired of running him all over to appointments. Or I commit myself to something to take my mind and time off of him. But seeing what a difference this is making so far I know that he is my top priority.

Thanks so much for all the support everyone has given us. Somedays I don't know how we would do it without all of you!!

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