Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Chase had his 1st real BM today!!

Okay so this may sound gross to some of you but Chase had his first ever solid poop today. Which is great maybe his gut is starting to heal a bit. He fought with his developmental therapist today like never before but maybe that is because he is actually waking up from his fog.

We went to the pool today. I was so proud of Austin he just jumped right in as if he had no idea it was freezing cold. Which makes me more excited because he is starting the swim team this year!! Livia will start to as long as she can stay clean. Poor girl has had some major regression with all our Chase issues. She is back to potting in her pants from time to time. Yet she is such a great swimmer I hate to not put her on the team. Keep us in prayer because sign ups are on Sunday.

At the pool today Chase did not even try to get into the water. I was so proud of him for respecting it that way. But I wish I had a video because he decided out of excitement to chase himself in circles. Just like a dog chasing his tail. It was so stinkin cute!!

My goal this summer is to simplify with the kids. Chase has never been able to get into a good routine with his naps becasue of the others and carpooling and school, etc. So we are going to make life a lot less complicated this summer.


  1. Hey Michelle. I agree... a blog is the best way to keep everyone up to date and you don't have to explain yourself 100 times. It's been a blesing for me with our family so far away to know what's going on with us.

    Take care of you. And it sounds like you're on a great path with Chase.

  2. Michele, I am so glad you started this blog. Chase has been in our prayers and it is great to be able to give the girls updates. Gross or not--Praise God for Chase's poop! :-) We will pray for continued healing of his insides.

    As to the simplifying--I completely understand that. This year, I felt like I was always on the go--even though we don't have all the appts. that you have. I am trying to simplify our schedules too.

    Love you. Our prayers are with you and your family.

    Call me sometime. I can not get my phone numbers out of my phone and don't have your number written down.