Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Circus at the Doss house

Well, the poor therapist that comes to our home once a week is never going to want to have more than one child after being at my house. When she arrived today all my kids were home. As I calmly make Austin eggs over easy and toast as he crying that his mouth jaw line area hurts. Livia is asking for cereal as her ear has yellow puss running down her check(swimmers ear). Chase just went into shock that when she comes she means time to work.

Liv started a fever Saturday night along with vomitting, still has fever along with cough and swimmers ear. That means 3 days so far home from school this week. Austin was in so much pain that we rushed him to the dentist before lunch to only have him crawl up into a ball and not let the dentist go near him. Finally she got a peek and says his permanent molars are coming in. He spent the day on the couch crying in pain and sick to his tummy. Come 7 pm he actually vomitted and then went to sleep.

In the mean time I look over at Chase and he has pink eye which must be what Liv and Austin have as well but they keep wiping the gunk off before I could see it.

At least they are all finally sleeping as Eric is snoring on the couch and I am full of energy. Go figure! Maybe because I am looking forward to meeting this new pediatrician in town. Even though she is all the way down at the World Golf Village. Kids are waking up early tomorrow!!

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