Friday, May 8, 2009

Another crazy week!

Finally everyone got better and back to school this week. Liv and Austin also started swim team. What was I thinking?? Poor Chase wants so bad to get into the pool with them. It is a torture for 30 minutes everyday for him. But the positive note is he is actually trying to tell me something with sounds and gets my attention by biting me. That is a huge step forward in teh fact that he knows he needs to get my attention to get what he wants. So know we just have to refocus the way he gets our attention.

We started a new in home speech therapist and I am going to love her. He really seemed to take to her this week. Wednesday we had our first seizure in over 10 weeks. So I was a little bummed. But it was only 3 small jerks seperated by hours. Much better than his clusters. He knew they were coming on because he came to me to hold him and was a different kind of whiny.

But all in all things just keep getting better. Or at least I can say that my praying for patience is being answered by him teaching me to develop my patience slowly.

Happy Mother's Day to all my mommy's out there!!!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Another day of all 3 kids being home.

Well it is official all 3 kids have strep. Liv also has double swimmers ear, and a UTI and top of it. Austin has a staph infection plus his big molars are coming in. And poor Chase he started a fever today and has just been walking in circles all day. Of course we started the antibiotics because coem Monday they all are going back to school.

Just pray that Chase does not get his usual yeast infection from the antibiotic. And that he does not regress like the last time he got sick. It sent us back a month worth of progression in his communication.

I'll probably have it next since they have all been sleeping with me. Yikes!!