Thursday, July 23, 2009

A day from you know where...

This has been one of those weeks that I wished my mother was still alive and here to help me out. Or at least that my sister lived in town. Today just tipped my bucket over. Layla our blonde dog got really sick over this week so I finally took her to the vet. After hundred of dollars in testing they are still not sure what is wrong with her. She is hooked up to IV getting a steroid and hydration. She is 9 years old and has been like a puppy for so long. Where do you draw the line? How far do you go in testing? She is like one of children yet she is a dog? Which brings me to our youngest Chase and all his testing.

Two weeks ago the Lord blessed us with an immediate opening into the CARD(Center for Autism Related Disorders clinic) which is normally a 9 month waiting or longer. I was not quite prepared since I only had a days notice thanks to my wonderful speech therapist. Once there we meet with Dr. Mae Barker who was absolutely amazing and accomadating. They proceeded to start the ADOS(Autism Diagnostic Observation Scale) on Chase. He was in such a great mood that day and actually doing things that we have not seen him do in the past. But after almost 2 hours of testing and meeting the genetics doctor who just happened to be in Jax from Gainesville for the day. They confirmed that Chase is Autistic. Yet they said they have never really met a child like Chase that is so happy that is of course unless you try to get him to do something functional. What does that mean? Still not sure except that we have started finally trying to communicate with him. He little brain is finally taking in some of this therapy we have been doing since October. We got the sign for eat the other day not prompted. Which sounds small but it is huge in his book.

We are now going to start using the picture system with him to try and get him to come to us and express his needs and wants. He is such a trooper considering that we have tried to maintain life with Austin and Liv and all there activities. We have cut back on a lot of things and I have unfortunately had to start saying no to certain activities. Chase is too much of a handful to go many places like the beach or a park that is not gated in compeletly. He is a runner and boy is he fast. And he does not understand that he could get hurt. It just does not compute in his little brain yet. So only time is going to work for him.

Thanks to all of you guys for being patient with us and not getting feelings hurt when we can not go somewhere or do something. It is just to hard with him right now and it causes me to have major stress attacks. I have already been in the ER once this month and even though it was not a bad experience there(the male nurse was a cutie, HeHe) I am trying to stay out of there.

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