Sunday, July 5, 2009

A week without daddy!

Well Eric left today for the week and of course spoiled Chase before he left. So I tried taking him to an Autism support group at Pump It Up which he usually loves but he was not having it today. Ever since the diary incident he has not been himself. This is when I wish we had family close by to help out. Or at least that my mother was still around to be there for me. I get so jealous sometimes that everyone around has all the help from family. I thank the Lord everyday that I have found such a close net of friends that I can call last minute for help.

The past few months I have kind of been in hide out because I am going through some denial and I realize that now. We are going to try hard to get back on track. Chase is such a trooper when I make him go with the flow.

Well he finally fell asleep which he has not been doing much of recently. Up at all hours again not sure why. Of course the few times he actually falls asleep for nap is when I have to wake him to get the other two kids somewhere. It is a never ending circle!

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