Sunday, August 23, 2009

School starts for everyone!

Well I must say and am excited but nervous all in one. This summer has been a struggle for me trying to decided if I wanted to start homeschooling Austin this year. Eric wanted me to wait until 2nd or 3rd grade. But I was one the fence. That all changed after several weeks ago I drove myself to Mayo's ER thinking I was having a heart attack. To only find out it was probably only a panic attack. Then I realized I have been way over committed to all kinds of things and I was spending way too much time trying to figure out how to help Chase. Problem was I was spending all that time researching and hardly anytime actually doing.

We finally decided that Chase needs to be around kids his age with the help of his therapists trying to teach him to communicate and socialize. We did it! Week one was this past week and he came home everyday in a great mood and actually doing things that typical 2 year olds do. Like driving a car across the floor instead of just spinning the wheels or throwing it to hear it bounce. Then last night was awesome! We took the kids to Monkey Jungle to play (since our AC has ben out since Thursday ) while there Chase got a little overwhelmed but actually went into hysterics laughing with the popcorn game. It was incredible to see him laugh!!! Then he actually asked for more using a sign and reached for my hands to help him. HIS 1st attemp to communicate to mommy that he wants to play and have help. WOW!!!!

In the meantime I am trying to get the AC fixed tomorrow then I am taking a breather and try to get our life organized. All while praying that we are making the right decisions. That we are following the Lords words in every aspect of our lives.

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